JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – Ivanhoe Mines (TSX: IVN; OTCQX: IVPAF) is pleased to announce that the high-resolution site tour video, showcasing the talented team that is developing the world-scale Platreef palladium, platinum, rhodium, nickel, copper and gold project in South Africa.

The link to the high-resolution version of the Platreef site tour video is:

“The site tour video allows everyone to meet members of the team that is developing our Platreef discovery ? one of the largest, richest precious metals deposits on the planet ? into a state-of-the-art, automated mine with a very small environmental footprint,” said Mr. Friedland, Ivanhoe Mines’ Executive Co-Chairman. “We now see a clear path forward to building our second tier one mine to produce critical “green metals” the world urgently needs for a low-carbon society.

“The video highlights the spirit and resilience of the project’s team members, working together with a common vision and a common goal.”

The slide deck for the Platreef Investor Day is available at:

About Ivanhoe Mines

Ivanhoe Mines is a Canadian mining company focused on advancing its three principal joint-venture projects in Southern Africa: the development of major new, mechanized, underground mines at the Kamoa-Kakula copper discoveries in the DRC and at the Platreef palladium-platinum-nickel-copper-rhodium-gold discovery in South Africa; and the extensive redevelopment and upgrading of the historic Kipushi zinc-copper-germanium-silver mine, also in the DRC. Kamoa-Kakula is expected to begin producing copper in July 2021 and, through phased expansions, is positioned to become one of the world's largest copper producers. Kamoa-Kakula and Kipushi will be powered by clean, renewable hydro-generated electricity and will be among the world’s lowest greenhouse gas emitters per unit of metal produced. Ivanhoe also is exploring for new copper discoveries on its wholly-owned Western Foreland exploration licences in the DRC, near the Kamoa-Kakula Project.

Information contacts
Investors: Bill Trenaman +1.604.331.9834 / Media: Matthew Keevil +1.604.558.1034

南非約翰內斯堡–艾芬豪礦業(TSX: IVN; OTCQX: IVPAF)欣然宣布,此現場高清導覽視頻,展示了正在南非開發普拉特瑞夫鈀-----金世界級項目的優秀團隊。


“此現場視頻讓各位能夠與我們項目團隊成員見面,他們正在采用先進自動化的開采方式,將普拉特瑞夫建造成一個環境足跡非常小的礦山,此礦床是世界上貴金屬量最大且最豐富的礦床之一。艾芬豪聯席董事長羅伯特·弗里蘭德(Robert Friedland)說道,“我們現在對于建設第二個一級礦產項目,已經有了清晰的規劃,此項目將為世界生產關鍵的“綠色金屬”,以滿足全球實現低碳社會的迫切需求。




艾芬豪礦業是一家加拿大的礦業公司,目前正推進旗下位于南部非洲的三大合資企業項目﹕位于剛果民主共和國 (以下簡稱“剛果(金)”) 的卡莫阿-卡庫拉銅礦和位于南非的普拉特瑞夫鈀-鉑-鎳-銅-銠-金礦的大型機械化地下礦山開發工程,以及同樣位于剛果(金)、久負盛名的基普什鋅-銅-鍺-銀礦的大型重建和改善工程???卡庫拉和基普什將使用清潔、可再生的水電,并將成為全球每單位金屬溫室氣體排放量最低的礦山之一。同時,艾芬豪正在剛果(金)境內其全資擁有、毗鄰卡莫阿-卡庫拉項目的西部前沿勘探許可區內尋找新的銅礦資源。


投資者﹕Bill Trenaman +1.604.331.9834       媒體﹕Matthew Keevil +1.604. 558.1034

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